Does Personal Lubricant have an Expiration Date?

Does Personal Lubricant have an Expiration Date? - MyLubeCard

How old is too old 

... when it comes to Lube


Like any other product, lubricants do expire and have a shelf life. There tends to be many things users may not necessarily be aware of or informed of such as how long they have to use it once the bottle is opened (according to FDA can range from 1-3 years), but who wants to use the same crusty bottle of lube for that length of time? Yuck!

Also there is a suggested temperature to keep the product at for optimal use (room temperature between 5 – 30 degrees celcius) with making sure the bottle or tube is always capped or closed after use (which doesn’t always happen when in the moment).

With MyLubeCard many of those worries don’t necessarily have to be of concern or an issue because they are single-time/single-use packets. We avoid the long duration of holding on to old lube, or having to worry about closing bottles or tubes.

Because when you’re in the moment or after the moment, those things are far likely to be on your mind.



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