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Less Mess, Less Stress - MyLubeCard

When you think about the moments that lead up to sexual intimacy or getting "in" the moment.

Timing and preparation can be key right? Having a condom handy perhaps, Having essentials necessary before and after like lube, a towel, etc. Do you want to be stumbling and fumbling looking for any of those items? I think not! You ever think about a lube bottle? How many "moments" do you get out of each bottle? How many pumps per partner? What possibly goes through the mind of the person that you are about to have that moment with? When was this bottle last used? Why is it almost empty? Which could lead to thoughts about who was in this bed last or how many people you may have slept with!

Drop the over thinking and make each moment a clean slate. One card, specially used for the occasion between you and that person. Whether it's sitting on the night stand discretely and ready to go... there will be no second guessing, it's out, for that one person. When it's go time, it's as simple as a snap, use and toss.

No lingering crusty bottles or tubes to re-use. These intimate products should be as easy and pleasing as you want the moment to be. When you only have one shot to make a first impression, use My Lube Card.

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