Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys and Accessories

Tips for Traveling with Sex Toys and Accessories - MyLubeCard

We want you to have the ultimate guide with smart cliff-notes to have a heads up on while thinking of packing some pleasure pals with you or preparing for some moment-to-moment fun on your next trip!

First of all, it's 2023, and there is absolutely NO NEED to feel shy about traveling with sex toys or accessories. So plan for those out of town fun-gasms without shame! Here are a few tips to consider:

1. Checking your bag or brining along on your carry on? Either way, be sure to check TSA rules for where ever you are traveling to and from. But so long as items are not mistaken for weapons, you should be good either direction. You may consider putting your pleasure pals in a separate bag. A clear bag would be ideal in case for inspection through TSA. Or you can consider its own toiletry bag or pouch. That way if you do sound an alarm, you can get to the items easily without much disruption. 

2. Does Lube count as a liquid with restrictions on how much volume is allowed when flying? Yes it is a liquid! No more than 3.4 ounces is allowed... therefor our single-use packs are perfect, travel size, and TSA approved with no leaks, no mess and no embarrassment. 

3. Pack your batteries and cords separately as well. Be sure to make sure devices are off to avoid a vibrating disruption. 

Most importantly don't let travel plans ruin the fun approach to sex on vacation, embrace it, just be prepared. We did all the thinking for you, so just pack us away and we'll be ready for you when the moment strikes!

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