Why is Lube Important?

Why is Lube Important? - MyLubeCard
A Crucial ingredient for GOOD sex.
The Wetter the Better, and why we should be on your bedside at all times... or in your pocket near by ;)
Lube isn't just for quickies and dryness issues. Lube is what helps put the great in great sex!
Just think about it, when it comes to pleasuring him or her, Wetter is always going to be better!
We know what you are thinking, you've had plenty of what you considered hot moments without Lube. 
Don't be selfish.. not only can our lube increase your pleasure by enhancing feelings of blood flow and arousal.. but your partner having less friction, more relaxation and comfort just makes the overall experience much more pleasurable!
Solo action? Water based lube is easy to clean up! So is our convenient single use pack, just snap, fold and drip and when your finished, toss the card!
Maximum comfort friends!! It's important!
Did you also know? That Water-Based Lubricants are also the most VERSATILE? 
It can be used for all types of sexual play -- vaginal, anal, masturbation, toys, hands, feet -- whatever your into.
It can be used with all sex toys, including silicone and all condom types - latex and non. 
It's certainly the cleanest - easy to wash off, non staining, or non sticky! It's also easy on your skin.
So enjoy better sex, try MyLubeCard today!

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