Will you be my VALENTINE?

Will you be my VALENTINE? - MyLubeCard

VALENTINES DAY is a day to impress, remember and make a great impression..…


.. on your One-Nighter, Forever-Sweetie, or Friend-with-Benefits!

Flowers…they don’t do the trick anymore. Long-gone are the days of showing up with flowers… you’ll need a little more to make a better impression!

Chocolates? Neh, maybe a nice little “friend-zone” gesture..

but you show up with lube in your pocket? Well, now thats sure to get a double-take, an eye-brow raise, and more-than-likely a second date!

So next time you plan ahead for this special occasion, skip the store-run and confirm your next order of MyLubeCard. Or better yet, subscribe and set-it and forget-it, but always stay prepared.

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