Your Go-To Festival Travel Essential!

Your Go-To Festival Travel Essential! - MyLubeCard

Coachella ... Burningman ... Stagecoach ... Firefly ...

You name the festival, we've got you covered!

Heading to a weekend Music Festival? Planning to party all weekend, having the best time ever? Packing is always key to preparation in making sure your time is a completely enjoyable one! Making sure to not forget the most essential of travel items right?

... Sun-screen, Water, Advil, Sun glasses, Phone Chargers, etc...

But what about those that plan to meet the love of their life? Or have set intentions to take it further with your crush whom you are going along with? Running into a love-at-first site situation or even just a casual hook up. Meet the best side-kick and wing-man or woman.. #lubecard!

Not only is slipping one of these out your pocket, purse, wallet, or bag discrete and chill, but it's a show stopper, and certainly a double-taker being something those have rarely seen. Some might call it, a booster to getting you to that next base...

So when you are planning and preparing what items are "essential" to bring on your trip, for your festival, pre-game events and after parties... think twice and make sure you stash a box of #mylubecard... we promise, our lube won't take up much space. 

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